Everyone Has A Story Inside Them!

How are you going to tell yours?

How It Began

The coolest gift I got this year was a book of prompts. The idea is to write a short story from each of them but, I have some amazingly creative friends in other media and I thought it would be interesting to create a multimedia project.

Hence came “Story Time Saturdays”. The idea is simple, I will post a prompt every week in our Facebook Group on Sunday and you post a project to the site based on that prompt by Saturday morning.

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The Stories

Here Are the Latest Stories

Check out the latest stories from authors, artist, designers, musicians, and dj’s!

Lunch date gone wrong…

Charlie Jovinsky otherwise know as CJ was standing infront of a steamy mirror when he uses one hand to clear the mirror. Hazel hues scanned thd figure on the other[…]

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Business Unusual a Storytime Saturday Story

Business Unusual

Ben rushed home from the restaurant in a panic. How could he be so stupid as to let Michael walk out the door with his back up copy of Chisterly.[…]

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A Luch Date Ruined

Jason was still floating from his date with Ben when he woke up the next morning. Last night was definitely wasn’t what he expected. Jason even wrote a nice review[…]

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Tell Your Story

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