Author: JP Adkins

How will you tell your story?

A Luch Date Ruined

Jason was still floating from his date with Ben when he woke up the next morning. Last night was definitely wasn’t what he expected. Jason even wrote a nice review of that horrible movie. Jason swore that it was Ben’s words being channeled through his keyboard. At least the advertisers will be happy. Jason had…
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Chasing Evil

Ben woke up with a killer headache but worse than that, an impending sense of doom that he couldn’t shake. It was irrational but he knew it had everything to do with seeing his ex today. Part of him wishes he could just call someone and have them be here instead, but that is a…
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Drama In and Out of the Lab

Ben walked into his small, overpriced condo in downtown Ferndale to the sound of his computer booting up screaming, “Unleash the Monkeybots!” He still can’t believe that he had over 10,000 paid downloads but by the amount of emails he gets daily wanting Monkeybots 2 : Revenge of the Loganite. He had been working night…
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A Family Mystery Explained

“Ok that movie was so predictable,” Jason said as he and Ben walked out of the theater. “How can you say that?” Ben asked incredulously. “The kid found out she was an alien, her father was over a thousand years old, and she can orgasm by leaving her body and merging with anyone on the…
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A Strange Request at a Piano Bar

Jason heard that this place had “THE BEST WILD MUSHROOM AND SWISS BURGER” from his friend, Matt who seemed to always be out and about. Since it was right outside the theater that was playing this random movie he was supposed to review tonight Jason figured, “Why not?”