A Family Mystery Explained

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A Family Mystery Explained

A Family Mystery Explained by JP Adkins

“Ok that movie was so predictable,” Jason said as he and Ben walked out of the theater.

“How can you say that?” Ben asked incredulously. “The kid found out she was an alien, her father was over a thousand years old, and she can orgasm by leaving her body and merging with anyone on the street.”

“The father’s eyes looked like something out of the show “V”, I don’t know how the daughter missed it all these years, the father was an ancient Samarian Professor who people use to translate ancient text that he can read naturally, and the orgasm scene was creepy as fuck. Your father should not be there coaching you body-fuck-rape a random stranger on the street.”

“But you didn’t see that coming,” Ben said triumphantly.

“I didn’t want to see that at all!”

“Fair enough, but you can’t say that it was predictable.”

“I guess not,” Jason finally agreed. “How am I going to write seven hundred words on that? I mean, the only good part about the whole movie was seeing Ron Weasly naked.”

“So you have a thing for redheads? Is that why I am here?” Ben said feigning indignation.

“No just always wanted to be a Weasly,” Jason joked. “Then again, with all my siblings it wasn’t that far off.”

“I was an only child. I always wanted a brother but my parents said that after they had perfection they didn’t need another child.”

“I always say that mine should have stopped after me,” Jason chuckled. “Most of the time they agree.”

All through this conversation the guys were walking through the parking lot kinda in the direction of the Piano bar where they both parked. Jason wasn’t sure what should be next. On one hand, he was enjoying the conversation and playfulness, but his budget was limited and he wasn’t quite ready to take him home.

“It is not too bad outside, would you like to take a walk?” Ben asked taking away the questions that Jason was having.

“Sounds cool!” Jason replied wanting to continue his chat with Ben but not really knowing what to do next.

They walked down the busy street for a couple blocks in awkward silence. Neither knew what to say next.

“So what is your favorite movie?” Ben asked.

“I have some great memories watching Across the Universe with friends but I definitely love a good superhero romp. How about you?”

“I love Daredevil! Ryan Reynolds is perfect in it.”

“I think you mean Deadpool,” Jason said with a chuckle. “Although, I am pissed that Netflix canceled Daredevil!”

“Why the hell did they do that?” Ben asked outraged

“Idiots!” Jason exclaimed a little too loudly making some people turn around resulting in both guys bursting out laughing.

“I guess Disney is doing a new streaming service that Netflix doesn’t want to advertise,” Jason said when he could breathe again.

“Why don’t they just go to Hulu? I mean they own thirty percent of that anyways,” Ben responded.

“I have no clue. Like I said, IDIOTS!” Jason screamed the last just for the fun of having the people all turn around again.

“Do you want a coffee?” Ben asked as they were walking by one of the five coffee shops on this block.

“Sure you want this one and not the Bean and Leaf or the Starbucks, or the Ain’t Your Momma’s Coffee?” Jason joked.

“I have found that Atom has cuter baristas,” Ben joked back only making Jason a little jealous. “Man I am only joking, come on lets get a coffee.”

That was odd, Jason thought. Why I am getting all bent out of shape over that joke? “Sounds good.”

“O-M-G! look who’s working,” Ben said with a smile.

“Really?!?” Jason said incredulously as he saw Puppy behind the bar.

“Didn’t we just see you at Piano?” Ben asked Puppy as he got to the bar.

“I don’t know did you?” Puppy said blankly.

“Really!?!?” Jason said again.

Puppy smiled and winked at Jason.

“He would never make it if he wasn’t that cute,” Jason said as they walked out with their salted caramel mochas.

“Nope! He ain’t a bit of right.”

“Hey isn’t that JP Barnaby?” Jason asked pointing at a woman across the crosswalk.

“Who?” Ben asked.

“JP Barnaby, the writer of Aaron, Ben, and Painting Fire.”

“Never heard of her.”

“Fuck off!” the woman said as she crossed paths.

“Yeah that is JP Barnaby.”

They were soon back to the parking lot where each of them were parked. Jason was closer so they both walked over to his car.

“Want to go back to my place?” Ben asked shyly.

“I really want to but, I do have to get home and write up this review,” Jason said truly torn.

“What are you going to write?”

“The only thing I can write, we sit back as a family mystery is revealed slowly and in the most disturbing ways.”

“Don’t be too hard on it. It wasn’t that bad.”

“I will be as fair as I can.”

“Can I get your number at least?”

“Only if you call me tomorrow.”

“Promise unless there is some drama in the lab.”

“Is there commonly drama in the lab?” Jason asked while punching his number into Ben’s phone.

“Not really.”

“Cool talk to you then.”

Ben leaned over and gave Jason a kiss taking Jason’s breath away. Jason almost reconsidered Ben’s offer.

“Have a great night,” Ben said breathlessly.

Jason waved a little light headed as Ben started backing away waiting for the last moment to turn away from Jason.

“Ben watch out!” Jason yelled as a car almost ran Ben over.

“Bye.” Ben said with a wave slapping the car hood before walking over to his car.

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