A Luch Date Ruined

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A Luch Date Ruined

Jason was still floating from his date with Ben when he woke up the next morning. Last night was definitely wasn’t what he expected. Jason even wrote a nice review of that horrible movie. Jason swore that it was Ben’s words being channeled through his keyboard. At least the advertisers will be happy.

Jason had planned a low-key day today that included a little reading, some great coffee, and possibly a good movie on Netflix but his roommate decided that today was the day he was going to finally build the shelving unit in their shared office.  The pounding was coming through the noise canceling headphones and harshing Jason’s mellow. Jason even switched from koshi bells to tribal drumming hoping to keep his chill game going to no avail.

Jason decided that he was going to head to the coffee house with his book instead when his phone rang.  It was an unknown number, probably some telemarketer asking about his car warranty. He was just in the mood to tell a telemarketer where they can stick their car and their warranty.

“Thank you for calling HappyHooker.com where you always come first. Do you prefer blonde, brunette or soul snatcher?” Jason almost just hung the phone up but heard  a hearty laugh on the other line.

“Well I guess I am a soul snatcher now,” Ben jovially responded. “I generally prefer blondes but I seem to have fallen for a baldie. I know blondes are easy on the eyes but I hear baldies feel good on the thighs.”

Jason’s mood was instantly lifted until the embarrassment of what just happened set in. “Oh my Joss! I don’t always answer my phone like that but I thought you were a telemarketer. Your number isn’t saved.”

“No, I get it. We all need to make money somehow,” Ben still smiling quipped. “What the hell is going on in the background, a two for one sale?”

“Ha Ha very funny!” Jason said still a little embarrassed but smiling. “My roommate decided that today was the day to do the repairs to the office we had been talking about for over a year. All I wanted to do was chill.”

“That sucks!” Ben said with complete empathy. “I was calling to see if you wanted to go grab a bite to eat.”

“That would be awesome, but not in my budget at the moment,” Jason was getting more embarrassed by the minute but the fact is that he had two clients at the moment and neither would even pay for dinner outside the movie critic gig which he can’t imagine was going to be around too much longer. Things have been really tight. Hell, he was even thinking about turning off his cell phone and going with his Google Voice number that was on all his cards.

“Don’t worry about it. My ex was just here with you would never guess who…”


“I’ll tell you if you come out with me,” Ben teased. “Please! I REALLY could use a smiling face.”

“OK but nowhere too fancy.”

“How about sushi at Little Tree?”

“Sounds perfect.”

“Cool, really thank you. I really need to get the whole mess out of my head.”

“What time?”

“How soon could you get there?”

“Fifteen to twenty minutes.”

“Perfect see you then. If you happen to get there before me can you request a booth in the back. It is a little drafty.”

Jason went and changed his shirt and then changed it again. He didn’t know the vibe he was going for but in the end chose go with his favorite sweater  and cap with a pair of jeans because he didn’t want to look too dressed.

Ben had just sat down at his favorite table when Jason walked in. Ben couldn’t help but think that Jason doesn’t even realize how cute he is as Ben waved Jason over.

“Thanks so much for coming down. I know it is pretty cold out today,” Ben welcomed Jason heartily with a hug.

“This isn’t too far and quite frankly, the view is pretty nice,” Jason said with a wink.

“Even though I am a soul sucker?”

“Hey they say Lucifer was the most beautiful angel.”

“Now I am Satan?” Ben feigned hurt and clutching his pearls.

Luckily, the server came over to get their order. After the last couple days Ben was surprised to find it wasn’t Puppy but his old friend Mike.

“Hey Mike, how have you been?” Ben asked jovially.

“Hey Ben! Long time no see. I just saw you ex not too long ago with that freak called Puppy.”

“So! That is who the mystery guest was,” Jason said. “Hey Mike! Last time I saw you was  over in the green room. Well not IN the green room, but…you know.”

Mike laughed, “It has been a long time. What are you boys having?”

Now Jason isn’t a sushi expert, but everything he has had he liked. Most of the time he was out when friends and they ordered a bunch and ate them all.

Seeing Jason’s reluctance, Ben took the lead, “Let’s get Philippian BBQ, Crab and Shrimp Puffs, a large sushi and a small shashimi with 2 hot saki’s and 2 waters.”

“Got it!” Mike said efficiently, “I will have that out in a jiffy.”

As Mike was leaving, Jason couldn’t help but ask, “So your ex is with Puppy? How old is your ex?”

“Too old for Puppy.” Ben said with a laugh.

“Well that must have been awkward. What was the ex doing there?” Jason asked a little more pointedly that he intended but it is better to know now if Ben was still hung up on his ex.

“He has been bitching for three years over the bed we bought together. I have been telling him to come get the fucking thing, but there is always a reason he can’t until today. I am glad to have it gone. It was too big. It will be nice to put something reasonable in.”

“How big was it?”

“It was a California King Memory Foam.”

“Damn that sounds nice. I might be upset about that too.”

“I could live without it.”

Mike set down their food.

“This looks delicious. I am not a sushi expert by any means but I have liked everything I have tried,” Jason said.

“I was in Japan for a video game conference and have been hooked ever since.”

“I can imagine. Thank you so much for inviting me out.”

“I am just glad you came.”

Both guys were blushing and getting awkward. They kept reaching for the same bit of sushi at the same time to the point they each thought it was planned. They ended up each having another pot of Saki and kept laughing and joking for a good hour till a huge siren went off on Ben’s wrist.

“Danger Dorothy! Danger Dorothy! Danger Dorothy!” the watch kept going off.

“What is wrong Chistery?” Ben asked.

“I am melting! MELTING! WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A CRUEL CRUEL WORLD!” Chistery exclaimed dramatically before going suddenly silent.

“Oh hell!” Ben started to freak looking at his watch.

“What was that?” Jason asked.

All the color drained out of Ben’s face as he said, “My system has been hacked. That was my  artificial intelligence system going down. Someone got completely into my system and I can’t boot back in. OH SHIT!”

“WHAT!?!?!” Jason was wrapped up in Ben’s panic.

“I just got an email saying that my account has been locked for too much being taken out at once. Who could possibly…Michael.”

“Your ex did this?”

“He took the painting by the door which had my backup copy of Chistery in case of emergencies. Michael know what to do with it. FUCK! How can I be so stupid. I wasn’t even thinking about it.”

“It will be ok. I have access to an identity theft company that will actually fix things after the fact.”

“That is cool and all but I  don’t even have the money to pay for lunch I spent the cash I had yesterday. Everything was in the bank.”

“Well I can cover lunch.” Jason said, although it would pretty much wipe out what he had.

“Oh my god! THANK YOU! I am so embarrassed and stupid. I just wanted him out of my house.”

“I can imagine. Don’t stress about it.”

“SKYNET Defence System now activated,” Ben’s watch informed.

“Is that?” Jason asked.

“I am sure it is just Michael playing a game,” Ben said a little uneasily, “right?”

“Destroying the human race is one way of ruining a great date,” Jason joked trying to lighten the mood.

“I better go save the world.”

“Here let me give you a kiss before you go.”

Jason gave Ben a good hard kiss, “Be safe out there Kyle.”

“I’ll be back!”

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