Chasing Evil

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Chasing Evil

Ben woke up with a killer headache but worse than that, an impending sense of doom that he couldn’t shake. It was irrational but he knew it had everything to do with seeing his ex today. Part of him wishes he could just call someone and have them be here instead, but that is a coward’s way out.

“I am a warrior!” Ben exclaimed out loud.

“Playing Alpha Warriors Chants,” his computer announced a split second before the drums started.

“Well that wasn’t what I intended but oh well.” Ben looked at his 8Fit app to see what his workout was for today.Seeing it was Paleo Run he knew the drums wouldn’t be enough.

“Play True Awesome Life Move Playlist,” Ben shouted.

“No need to shout. Playing True Awesome Life Move Playlist as requested, Sir,” the machine responded.

“This new AI is getting too smart for it’s own good,” Ben whispered under his breath as he did his twelve “good mornings”.

“I heard that,” the machine said. “I am just as you programmed me, Sir. Would you like me to bring back Cortanna?”

“No thank you, Chistery. That bitch is pretty useless.”

“As you wish, Sir. I only live to serve, Sir.”

“Ok, you can stop that now, Chistery. I am sorry I yelled.”

“Thank you, Sir. Just a little civility goes a long way. Especially because Michael is coming today.”

“You had to remind me.”

“Well, yes, that is what I do.”

Ben was glad that Chistery didn’t turn on a live video feed while he was working out today. His workout is five different exercises with cardio in between. Ben hated running in place, and the jumping jacks always reminded him of gym class, so he usually danced the fool in between. You would think he was a well paid stripper with how much he was dropping it and he may have just choreographed for a few in a previous life.

The workout portion finished it was on to meditation. Chistery being linked to the app knew this and found some appropriate music before Ben could even get a sip of water and get to the chair. He could smell the coffee going, his reward to actually following the routine. Chistery complains if he starts the coffee before and Ben realized it just isn’t worth it.

After a good meditation and journal he put a Mantra on and hopped into the shower. Chistery should be pulling up his workload for today. He is going to have to rewrite what he lost. Then he started thinking of that kiss with Jason last night and started chubbing up. He was pretty happy with his body, even if he couldn’t gain weight. At least he fit the skinny white boy stereotype. He was slowly enjoying the way his soapy hands felt along his groin and torso. He was being lazy, not really trying to get off, just enjoying the slickness and heat when the bathroom door opened.

“What the fuck!” Ben yelled.

“Just wanted to let you know I am here,” Michael said calmly. “Nice hardon. Need help with that?”

“NO! Just get out! I will be right out,” Ben yelled.

“Suit yourself. You know I give the best head in town,” Michael quipped as closed the door behind him.

All that work to get himself centered and ready this morning was gone in just a couple minutes. Of course, Michael would know how to get Chistery to unlock the door. Michael did help write the original code. Thank Joss after the split up, they didn’t have anything to do with one another professionally. Michael took his code and started a POS company and Ben worked on getting Chistery ready but realized IBM’s Watson was much better poised to take on the AI world so Ben wrote Flying Monkeybots instead.

Ben got dressed and chased evil out into the living room. Seeing Michael and some pretty blonde twink sitting at his counter drinking coffee this early nearly made him lose his shit. When the twink turned around, Ben couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Puppy! How do you know Michael?”

“Um, I know everyone!”

“Obviously,” Ben said as he moved around the counter to warm his cup from earlier.

“Sorry I am early but Puppy and I figured it would be better to get this done and over with before his shift at Piano Bar,” Michael said.

“Of course. You know where it is,” Ben said with just a tinge of animosity breaking through the smile.

“You aren’t going to help?” Michael asked.

“I am sure you and Puppy can handle it.”

“Whatever! Let’s just get this over with. I have a facial to give before I go to work,” Puppy said as he boredly looked at his nails.

Ben couldn’t help but think that Puppy didn’t mean in a salon. Luckily, the bed itself didn’t give them too many issues and they had it out within just a few moments while Ben started his morning.

Michael came back in alone. “He is cute isn’t he?”

“A little young for you though?” Ben retorted.

“Maybe, at least he can keep up.”

“Just don’t have a heart attack old man,” Ben knew that drove him crazy because Michael was ten years older than he was.

“Just for that,” Michael snatched a piece of artwork off the wall than Ben had painted for their first living room. “I am taking the painting you made for me.”

At this point Ben just wanted him gone out of his house so he can do a good cleansing sage. “I hope you enjoy it.”

“Aren’t you always the perfect one,” Michael said with venom just as they heard a horn honk, “If people only knew how you had me removed and then told me never to come back to my home.”

“I am not rehashing this,” Ben said exhausted.

“I have to go anyways. Puppy awaits!”

“Have fun.”

Michael slammed the door behind him and Ben could hear him stomp down the stairs. Little did Ben know the trouble that little visit was going to cause. For now, he just smiled as Chistery started playing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.”

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