Drama In and Out of the Lab

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Drama In and Out of the Lab

Ben walked into his small, overpriced condo in downtown Ferndale to the sound of his computer booting up screaming, “Unleash the Monkeybots!” He still can’t believe that he had over 10,000 paid downloads but by the amount of emails he gets daily wanting Monkeybots 2 : Revenge of the Loganite. He had been working night and day on it but he still couldn’t get his physics right. It was still too easy to win.
He didn’t want to think about work right now. He wanted to think about Jason. Ben still couldn’t believe how this night went. From the first time he saw Jason to when he unbelievably kissed him, it had been an amazing night and ben was floating on cloud nine.
Ben’s peace was interrupted by his computer declaring, “A call from Michael.”
A call from his ex was the last thing Ben wanted to deal with but if he didn’t answer he knew that Michael would just keep calling.
“Hi Michael.”
“Hello Ben. I am coming to pick up the bed tomorrow.”
Now this bed has been a bone of contention for the past three years. When Michael left, he left much of the furniture. Ben had told Michael to come get anything he wanted twice. Yet, he didn’t take much of the furniture. Michael seemed to always bring up the fucking bed.
“What time?” asked Ben.
“Around 11.”
“OK, but this is it. If you want anything then make sure you are ready to get it.”
“Oh don’t worry. I know that you don’t want to see me anymore.”
“No I don’t want you to keep telling me how much I ruined your life.”
“Too much truth?”
“You ruined your own life. How many times can you take the rent money for drugs before I got fed up?”
“Oh, and you were so perfect?!?”
“Nope never claimed to be.”
“Well, you sure seem to be.”
“Well that isn’t my intention. I will see you tomorrow. I have to go.”
Ben hung up the phone thinking why do I let him get to me? With his mood destroyed he decided to get to work only to find the file he was working on didn’t save his last edits. Ten hours of work down the drain.
“I guess I’m gonna have drama in and out of the lab today,” Ben said into the empty room.
“Yes, Sir I will play a drama for you,” Ben’s tv system.
“Oh holy hell, abort!” Ben screamed before heading to bed.

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