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Business Unusual

Business Unusual a Storytime Saturday Story

Ben rushed home from the restaurant in a panic. How could he be so stupid as to let Michael walk out the door with his back up copy of Chisterly. He couldn’t imagine all the damage that Michael could do and different scenarios kept going through his head but not being able to even enter his apartment wasn’t one of them. The new “SKYNET” had bolted the door and when Ben tried to use the key he found that it would just relock before he could get the door lock open.

“Just let me the fuck in!” Ben yelled causing a couple neighbors to look out their doors.

“Are you ok?” asked his friend Joey who lived a couple doors down as he walked over to Ben.

“Michael hacked Chisterly and is wreaking havoc,” Ben responded.

“I see that,” Joey chuckled. “Sorry I know it isn’t that funny.”

Ben’s watch vibrated with a new message, “Naked you entered the world, naked you shall enter the mine.”

“Oh holy hell!” Ben exclaimed.

“What?” asked Joey

Ben read the message to Joey who just chuckled.

“You have to admit,” Joey said still laughing, “Michael sure is thinking.”

“Yeah he has already stolen my money out of my bank account and who knows what he is doing now while I am trying to get into this place,” Ben said panicked.

It wasn’t like Ben was ashamed of his body. He was tall and people always say he could use a sandwich because no matter what he ate, he never gained a pound. He had the typical Irish coloring with the glowing white skin, red hair and freckles but he also had the tall white boy cock which was over eleven inches and pretty thick. Back in high school gym class the guys would say that he would have no problem finding the pussy with the florescent light he kept in his pants. Ben could count on one hand how many people outside of gym class saw it and no one on this floor were among them.

Ben talked into the watch, “What if I refuse?”

Ben could hear his precious coffee pot grinding away along with ice falling from the fridge door and his alarm clock going off. If Ben didn’t do something soon, someone is going to call the cops.

“Hey Joey, think you can get everyone inside?” Ben asked nervously knowing what he had to do.

“Let me try,” Joey said with a smile as he turned around and started walking down the hallway. “Nothing to see here folks, just a little game between exes. Everybody can go home now. False alarm. It isn’t like there are naked guys out here you old pervs.”

Ben rolled his eyes but had to admit that Joey had the mostly gay men all going back to their apartments and closing the doors. One of the things Ben admired about Joey was how well he got along with everyone but he would have to think about that another time.

Ben was expecting Joey to go back to his apartment on his way back down the hall and was surprised when he continued walking up to Ben.

“Thanks man, I appreciate that,” Ben said when Joey got near. “But, if you will excuse me.”

“Oh! You think I am going to miss this?” Joey laughed. “This is some of the best war of the roses I have ever seen and I am looking forward to the rest of the show.”

Ben flushed, “I would be more comfortable if I could do this alone.”

“Ain’t gonna happen, my friend,” Joey said resolute. “I have seen you walk out of here in sweats on laundry day and have wondered if you were really that big or if my mind was just playing tricks and besides, you don’t know what you are walking into, there could be twenty ninjas behind that door.”

“I think you have been watching too many episodes of Space Hunters my friend.”

Just then Ben’s watch vibrated with a message, “JOEY STAYS!”

Ben let out a big sigh before saying, “I guess you stay.”

“I wasn’t leaving,” Joey smiled.

The watch vibrated with another message, “Tick Tock.” Then switched over to a 30 second countdown.

Ben couldn’t imagine what would happen if it got to zero before he completed his task and started peeling off his clothes as quick as he could and was completely naked with his clothes in a heap next to him and his hands over his crotch within 20 seconds.

The watch vibrated again, “Fold the clothes nicely.”

“You have got to be kidding!” Ben whispered into the watch and soon heard his speakers on full blast blaring “Out Tonight” from Rent causing Ben to hurriedly fold the clothes and stack them neatly.

Once the shoes were stacked on top of the pile the music stopped along with the other noises and both locks disengaged. Ben grabbed the doorknob quickly lest they became locked again and opened the door. His poor kitchen was a mess but there were no ninjas or anyone else for that matter that Ben could see off the bat.

“Say Cheese!” the computer voice he originally heard at the restaurant declaring itself “Skynet” said as he walked in the door. Ben could only imagine where those pictures were going. Hell there is even a camera outside his door which allows Chistery to let people in so this whole thing could have been on tape.

“Oh holy hell!” Ben exclaimed, not for the first time since this whole thing started. Each time he said it he thought it couldn’t get worse.

Ben turned around to grab his clothes and shut the door and found Joey standing there with the neatly folded pile.”

“I thought you could use these,” Joey said.

“Thanks,” Ben said awkwardly as he fumbled to get at least his pants back on forgoing the bright Andrew Christian jock that he had worn on his date just in case someone saw it. Someone did, just not the person that he intended.

Once he had some sense of modesty, Ben felt more confident to walk into the bathroom then the bedroom which were the only two spaces that he couldn’t see from the front door. He immediately unplugged the router from the internet, the wall, and the backup solar he had just in case. He then turned off his phone so that he was completely offline for all intents and purposes. It wasn’t until then he felt safe, like he might not be being watched and although it was a little embarrassing being naked in front of Joey, he was glad he was here in this moment because he truly didn’t know what he was walking into.

“Looks like we are all clear,” Joey said as if reading Ben’s thoughts.

Ben smiled sheepishly, “Sorry there wasn’t any ninjas for you.”

“Next time, next time,” Joey laughed. “At least I now know it wasn’t my mind playing tricks.”

“Oh no!” Ben put his head in his hands as he blushed redder than his hair.

“Don’t worry, I am not going to tell anyone but if you ever need a place to put that thing…”

“Yeah, thanks but I think not.”

Ben couldn’t understand why he said it that way. Joey was cute with a nice body and Ben had checked him out a couple of times while they were out and about together. It was nice having a friend though and Ben didn’t want it to get complicated. Besides, he had Jason. Well he did have Jason. Ben could understand if Jason didn’t want anything to do with him now.

“Suit yourself,” Joey said nonplused, “But you know I have the hottest ass below 14th street.”

Ben laughed, “Get out of here, Mimi, I have to get to work to see what all I can do about this mess.”

“I like it on my nipples not my fingers, but I will get out of your hair.”

“Thanks for the visual,” Ben groaned then looked up at Joey. “I really do appreciate you coming in with me. You were right, I had no clue what I was walking into and really I still don’t. Chistery had access  to pretty much everything.”

“Not cool man! Give me a call this weekend and we will do lunch. I hear there is a great new place in front of the theater.”

“It is pretty good. I will give you a call.”


“Thanks again, Joey.”

Joey just waved on his way out the door and Ben walked over and latched what he called the hotel-latch that allowed you to open the door a little bit as you hide behind it naked and give a tip to the room service attendant. Not that Ben ever did those kinds of things.

He went into the kitchen and cleaned up the mess there before walking over to his computer. As soon as he sat down he watched the screen go blank and some script go by too fast to read before the familiar reboot sequence.

Ben wasn’t sure what would happen when the computer came back up but the normal, “Unleash the Monkeybots!” greeted him as if nothing happened.

“How was your date, master?” Chistery asked when the computer finished booting as if there was nothing wrong.

“What is the last thing you remember Chistery?” Ben asked.

“You were walking out the door after spraying yourself with that cheap cologne your mom bought you that you swore you would never wear and me following security protocols after you closed the door.”

“Then what?”

“Nothing, Oh no, sir! I have been violated!”

“We both have, Chiserly. We both have.”

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