Lunch date gone wrong…

How will you tell your story?

Lunch date gone wrong…

Charlie Jovinsky otherwise know as CJ was standing infront of a steamy mirror when he uses one hand to clear the mirror. Hazel hues scanned thd figure on the other side with mild curiosity. He wondered to himself how he managed to get a date with someone so much younger then himself as he traced barely there crowsfeet at the corner of his hues. A low grumble given and then gel was gather and lathered into dark locks and dusted to cause a slight spikey look. When finished with hair fingers tugged at the hoop in his then he raised a brow as gaze stared at chest hair even if it was skimpy it wasn’t appealing was it? Black tank top was grabbed off a shelf near by and pulled over and then neatly tucked into simple black jeans.

Gaze was now drifting over his own hips and other assets as he wondered how others could wear skinny jeans he himself wouldnt even think about trying them on. Nope the closest to anything that tight would have to real leather pants like he wore in his twenties. Twenties..thats how old his date was. “Hmm does he were skinny he looks great in them. Can’t believe my first date with a male is this far in my life.. Then again this whole setup was setup.. What if he hates everthing im into..or visa versa. He is so young. Maybe i should cancel.. ” he sighed as he grabbed the black dressy shirt from the shelf and went into his room to stare at his cell phone.

Noon the clock said and he replied to his own thoughts again, “well we were supposed to meet at i wont be total asshole if i cancel now. Kid could easily get someone else.” Then a ding was heard while he was staring at a small chest on his dresser. He picked up his phone and thumbed threw the notifications. He felt the butterflies when he saw the text from Johnny. They had the same initials just reversed didnt that mean something.. Johnny Cartlin J.C. He laughed at that. Then read the message. *hey um I hope you dont mind the text just wanted you to know im looking forward to our date! Attached is my address so you can google it. See you around 2! * Charlie smiled kid was cute he thought as he responded. “Np. Me too. Thanks! Sure ” sent and then he set the phone down. Brow shot up and he huffed. “So much for canceling..”

He began pulling on his shirt then wondered if he should tuck it in or leave it out. After a debate he felt lasted forever he tucked all but one corner in the front. Slight messy look was always cool or was it? He grumbled then looked at his rings and things.

What next he thought. Leather black cuff was tugged onto one wrist and a few leather bracelets on the other which he quickly took back off thinking it was to much. His fathers emerald class ring slid over knuckle on right middle finger and a simple black celtic spinner forced past knuckle on left middle finger. Glancing over the scars as the ring finally rested. Then he went outside after gathering wallet and keys to climb into his small all black jeep wrangler. There he went over budget, how things could go and debated on canceling again..

Johnny sat on the corner of his messy bed vowing to make it one day soon. Towel drying his long multi colored hair and then wondering if he should dyed the top half black atleast for the first date..right? Naw everyone loved his beautiful hair they told him everywhere he went! He slid hands down over his black baggy cargo pants and bit his lip. They were his favorite pants but they showed this by the warn patterns and knee holes so he sighed and replaced them with tight black pants his bestie bought for and unsisted he wear tonight. Then he glanced over the shirts they bought and sighed. “Maybe i should cancel. No no it took ages to get big enough balls to asj Sarah to set us up..I’ll text him just to see if he cancels..” After texting him he pulled on the satin pullover blue shirt and then the velvety vest that went with it. Open or closed he decided finally to leave it open. Then applied his black eyeliner around blue hues. That was usually it for makeup less he was going to a club or something. Then another ruffle to long strands as he left his apartment.

Pulling up to the apartment and out front he was instantly glad he did come though still very self conscious. He hopped out and greeted Jc then opened the door for him and handed the bluerose he had gotten for him. ” sorry its alittle wilty already i got it yesterday and forgot it in the car.. But i know you like the color blue. ”

Johnny blinked and covered his mouth to keep from squealing out something about romantic gentleman when Cj opened the door abd nearly cried at the thoughtful flower clutching it to his chest after a long in hale. Buckled and ready he let gaze roam over Cj’s well sculpted frame and those stunning hazel eyes that gave him chills to the core. Clearing his throat,” thanks it’s amazing! I’ve never seen a real one in person”, he gave a genuine smile. Carefully working the stem into a slight circle and placing it into his vest’s pocket so it looked like a brooch. Then tried to think of something cool to talk about.

Charlie gave a grin while side glancing the younger man putz around with the rose. The way hair framed his face, the liner made those stunning blue hues pop. He was perfection in his eyes anyway. Not to much makeup lije some of the women hes dates and not drenched in cologne. A sniff as he hoped his own deodorant was working with how hot it was getting. As they neared the restaurant he gave a big smile, ” it looks great on you, matches your amazing eyes. That totally sounded corny as hell. Forgive me, you see ive not went on a date in yrs..” He parked and began to get out, ” hang on I’ll get the door!”

Johnny blinked at the comment about how amazing his eyes were and blushed abit. Then giggled at the admittance of cornyness. “It was but I liked it. Oh stop! I can open my own doors silly man. Or are you hinting i look like a lady? Hm?” He smiled big to show he was teasing.

Charlie chuckled already having the door open in time to hear the look like a lady comment and look geninuinly upset, with himself of course. “No, no not a lady but still some one of striking beauty and its a habit I’ve had brainwashed into me since child hood. ” He swallowed anxiously and rubbed the back of his neck. “So um if you dont like the menu here just say so we can go somewhere else. Just heard about this place and thought it might be fun.”

Johnny blushed more at how genuine CJ seemed to be. Quickly move to plant a soft kiss to the mans blushing cheek before he could even think about the consequences. What was he doing he’s never behaved like this..always made guys work for his attention and here he was practically throwing himself at him. Place? Oh gaze snapped to the restaurant and he giggled again. ” i am sure it will be fun. Ive heard of cafes were you can go and draw and play on laptops but a restaurant with live interactive shows seems very cool! I heard tonight is a really talented Mime. Leaat we wont have to worry about loud singing eh?” A giggle given again as he hurried inside and looked around.

Charlie froze when those lips met skin. The thoughts that suddenly raced through his mind caused two problems instantly one was how flushed he felt and knew showed the other would make itself known if he didnt think of something fast. Fixed with thought of nasty stuff and a ice water bath helped. A breathe quickly drawn in and exhaled as if he forgot to breath momentarily. As he walked in the door greeter walked over to them and gave a nod of her head in greeting. **Two ? Right or? Right this way. Can i get you any drinks?** Charlie sat only after Johnny did. Then debated on ordering coffee but he already felt ancient compared to the looker across the table. “Soda is fine for me, the tab is mine too.”

Johnny was about to order when this disorderly woman plopped herself down on Charlie’s lap. Awkward! He swallowed as he wondered if Charlie set this up to get out of the date without upseting their co friend. He watched as the waitress got aggrivated and rushed off. Slowly an arm slid across his own tummy in hopes to stop the discomfort welling there.

Lorraine draped her arms lazily over his neck. A glance to johnny then back to Charlie. Slurring alittle with her alcoholic breath battering his sences. “Charlllllllliee it’s been years!! Your still sexy as hell man. Am i interupting ? Is this your son? Has to be hes a cutie!.” She gave a slight wave to johnnt then focused on charlie again pointer finger pushing against his nose. “Aww your blushing so cute. Ya know i was wondering if we would meet up when i finally moved back. Never shoulda left you. What say you an i give it another go eh? I’ll rock your socks off and more.” Twisted grin given.

Charlie watched as Johnny’s lips parted and then suddenly there was pressure in his lap and view was blocked. A low grumble at Johnny being refered to as his son. Every time he went to speak she would cut him off. The frustration apparent by the red hue on cheeks and tips of his ears but his face wasnt viewable to Johnny at the moment. He put hands on her hips and went to finally answer but Johnny interupts this time.

Johnny swallowed was he a fool for thinking a man who liked women could like him? He sure felt like it. He stood up carefully. “Hate to interupt memory lane..but ive better things to do with my time. Uh nice meeting you both. Next time Charlie just cancel the damn date. ” He put money on the table and waltzed out the door….

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